Starting January 29th, we'll be hosting live online games of Jeopardy every month!

Games will be on the last Friday of the month and start at 6PM Pacific/9PM Eastern. Official sign ups to be a contestant go live later this week, but if you want to secure a spot now contact Zero.

We'll do two games each night and we use six contestants per game, so that's a total of twelve spots open.

Categories will span many facets of pop culture: movies, comics, video games, and more.

Just Married

Just Married

Just Married

We've had a busy few months! Family vacation in Seattle, going to Philly for PAX Unplugged, birthdays, Christmas, then our anniversary and ALA. It doesn't stop there either, as we're getting married in in just two days!

PAX Unplugged was a very different convention than we're used to, but it was fun. We were primarily there for Zero to compete in the Transformers TCG big world championship, the Energon Invitational. Zero didn't do too well in the tournament, but it was still a great experience. Not that he'll likely ever see this, but shoutout to Vangelus for the good games and conversations!

This past weekend was Anime Los Angeles 16, and what a great weekend it was! Our panel turn out was great, so before we go into details, a big "thank you" to everyone who came out and participated!

We opened the con with a two hour block Anime Jeopardy on Thursday (ALA is a four day con). The only other time we'd done that long was at TFcon LA back in March, but we were ready with a bunch of new clues. We managed to get five rounds in, and everything went really smoothly.

Friday we had both Pictionary and Charades. It took a little poking and prodding the audience to help get them over their nerves of coming up in front of the crowd, but they all seemed to enjoy it and we had a lot of laughs. We have a bunch of ideas for new cards, so expect some great ones next time.

Saturday was the return of Anime Jeopardy. Yup, another two hour block! This time our good friends Jeremy & Dominque were there with us, and we're lucky they were. Somehow between Thursday's Jeopardy block and Saturday's our buzzer system broke. We did come prepared with backup buzzers, but they were back at the hotel room. Jeremy & Dom ran over to get them for us, and then stayed to be our judges on who buzzed in first. We can't thank them for their help! With that big hiccup taken care of, we managed to start right on time and had a great set of games. Four hours of Jeopardy at one convention, and we handled it with flying colors!

Sunday was perhaps the biggest surprise for us, and a great way to end the convention. We've ran Anime Chopped at a few conventions now, and while it's always been fun, it often ends up just being us in a small room with a four or five attendees trying to make each other laugh. ALA though, the attendees never cease to amaze us. We had well over 20 people at 3:00 Sunday, when most cons would be totally dead. The two teams were on fire too, and came up with some great anime pitches. It was by the far the best game of Anime Chopped we've ever had, and the perfect example of how we thought the game would work when we first came up with. An extra special thank you to any one who came out and participated in it.

We didn't go in with much cosplay this year, with just Cat going as ZeroTwo on Friday & Saturday. We plan to have some new stuff ready for the next con though. We didn't go too crazy shopping either, what with our Japan trip right around the corner. Still, you can see the few things we picked up in the pics below.

We love ALA, and this was probably our best year yet. Can't wait until ALA 17 in 2021! In the mean time, we have AnimeConji in May and AnimeCalifornia in August. Or at least, we assume so; neither con has officially announced 2020 dates, but if we're going off past years that'll be around the time. We're also heavily considering going up to TFcon Toronto in July.

As always, if you want to see us at a convention let us know, but more importantly, let the convention know too!

Cat as Zero Two

Cat as Zero Two

Cat as Zero Two

Unicorn bag

Promare charm

Rem and Ram charm

We have our ALA schedule! ALA is a four day convention, and we're hosting a panel each day (two on Friday even)! All our panels are in the same room, too: Room 200C (LP2) in the Ontario Convention Center.
Thursday 7:00-9:00 PM: Anime Jeopardy
Friday 12:45-1:45 PM: Anime Pictionary
Friday 4:30-5:30 PM: Anime Charades
Saturday 3:30-5:30 PM: Anime Jeopardy (again!)
Sunday 3:00-4:00 PM: Anime Chopped

Come by, say hi, and play some games with us!
What a busy time it's been, and things aren't slowing down. First HentaiCon was canceled due an incompetent third party data provider and issues with the venue, but it'll be back next year and we'll probably there. Shortly after HentaiCon would have taken place, we went on a week-long family trip up to Seattle. We both love the city, and really want to make it back up there for some conventions. Sadly, Sakura-Con takes place while we'll be in Japan, but maybe we'll make it to PAX West.

Yes, that's right, in mid March we fly out to Japan and are staying there for 35 days. We'll be there while Sakura season is in full force, go to concert or two, and go to the newly announced Evangelion onsen. We're of course really excited and can't wait.

Before Japan happens though, we still have two conventions to handle. First up, we're going to Philadelphia in early December for PAX Unplugged. Zero won the regional qualifier for the Transformers TCG tournament, so we're heading out there so he can compete in it. We'll spend Friday checking out the con and getting in some practice games, then the tournament starts Saturday with a cut to the top 8 on Sunday. We're going to stay in Phili for a few days after PAX to enjoy the city and then head back home that Wednesday.

Then January is ALA, and we got our schedule now! All of our panels are conveniently in the same room, Meeting Room 200 (Interactive Programming) inside the convention center.
Anime Jeopardy: Thursday @ 7:00 PM (a two hour block!)
Anime Pictionary: Friday @ 12:45 PM
Anime Charades: Friday @ 4:30 PM
Anime Jeopardy: Saturday 3:30 (yes, ANOTHER two hours!)
Anime Chopped: Sunday @ 3:00 PM
FOUR HOURS of Jeopardy. Wow. This beats out TFcon for the most Jeopardy we've done at a convention (that was 2.5 hours). We're going to be adding a lot more clues to Jeopardy in preparation, so if there's any categories you want to see on there let us know on social media!

Speaking of Jeopardy, Zero was on the PoP!cast (the Panels on Pages podcast) earlier this month and hosted our first online game of Jeopardy. It went so well they're having him back on at the end of December for end of year/decade games of Jeopardy.

Like we said, busy busy.
We've submitted our games for both HentaiCon and ALA! Of course we can't guarantee that all will get accepted. In fact it's very unlikely that all of them will, that's just how scheduling works. Still, here's our proposed line up.

At HentaiCon:
- Ecchi Jeopardy: A game of Jeopardy with all ecchi anime and innuendo clues.
- H Debates: Just like anime debates but with an H spin, we'll lead the audience in debating various niche topics.
- Pictionary: You take pictionary to HentaiCon and it's bound to be a lot of laughs.
- Twister: We don't have to do anything to turn this classic game into something a bit pervy.
- Anime Jeopardy: It might be HentaiCon, but not everything has to be ecchi.

At Anime Los Angeles:
- Anime Jaopardy: It's our staple, and as always we have a bunch of new clues written up. We're hoping for a two hour time slot.
- Anime Charades: Watch people act silly trying to make the audience guess what their prompt.
- Anime Pictionary: It's just like charades, but with with funny drawings instead.
- Anime Chopped: We give the audience some themes, and we all come up with a new anime
- This or That: We have a list of items, and contestants say if they're related to Category A or Category B. "Is this a Pokemon or a Digimon?" sort of thing.
- Pokmon Jeopardy: We're hoping for this to be a Sunday panel, a bit more kid-friendly and specific version of Jeopardy.
- Scavenger Hunt: This might already be handled by someone else, but we submitted for it just in case!